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Plants vs. Zombies Heroes guide: How to develop your first deck

Plants vs. Zombies Heroes might look cute and cuddly, but it’s actually a very complex deck builder that requires a lot of time to master. While there’s a bit of a learning curve, it’s easy for people of any skill level to have fun with the game.

The early hours of Plants vs. Zombies Heroes really work to encourage players to dig into the different ways you can approach strategy. The early game is also an excellent opportunity to dive into the nitty gritty of deck building and form a solid base collection of cards to build future decks as you progress. We have a few tips to help you make the most of the first few hours with the game. Let’s get started!

Save your gems
The game is quite generous with doling out gems towards the beginning. You’ll be rewarded with upwards of 50 gems for completing hero quests and multiplayer ranks. It’s tempting to buy Premium Packs with this money, but it’s actually best if you save up your gems for a bit.

Try to aim for 2000 gems. It might take some time, but eventually you’ll have enough for the 20 packs +3 bonus Premium Multipack. That’ll be enough to set you up for some time to come, giving you plenty of rare cards too. It gets much harder to earn gems later on, so if you save up 2000 gems right away, you’ll have a considerable advantage.

Complete hero quests
There are many advantages to completing hero quests. They walk you through different layers of gameplay, encouraging you to try new things and build up your skills. They’re also an excellent source of gems. Early hero quests often reward you with 50 or more gems, so don’t hesitate!

Dive into multiplayer
It can be scary playing against human opponents as a beginner, but it’s one of the best ways to learn. You’ll get to see how other people use their decks, giving you ideas for arranging your own. Plus the early ranks are also quite generous with gems and other bonuses.

It’s okay to lose
Learning means making mistakes, and lucky for you, Plants vs. Zombies Heroes is kind to those who are struggling. So kind in fact, that if you lose enough matches in a row the game will give you a premium pack for free!

It may look daunting from the outside, but there are a lot of things working in your favor as a newbie at Plants vs. Zombies Heroes. Use these tips and have fun trying out new things. Soon you will be sweeping through the ranks. Good luck!

Do you have your own deck building strategies? Share in the comments below!

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The 5 scariest mobile games

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for people who enjoy scaring themselves silly with haunted houses, movies, video games, and what have you. Mobile might not be the first platform you’d turn to for quality scares, but rest assured there are plenty of spooky experiences to be had. We highlight five of the best.

Universal App – Designed for iPhone and iPad

Released: 2014-09-11 :: Category: Game


Don’t let this game’s B-movie charm deceive you. Five Nights at Freddy’s excels in the jump scare, so brace yourself. You play the role of a nighttime security guard at a children’s restaurant famous for its mechanical animal mascots (think Chuck E. Cheese). Everything seems normal and innocent enough until night falls and the robots begin to wander the halls in a hunt for blood.

iPhone App – Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad

Released: 2008-12-31 :: Category: Game


The Escape is standard as far as Silent Hill games go, but that doesn’t mean its not just as suspenseful or terrifying as other entries in the series. This time around you wander the halls of an abandoned hospital in search of an escape. This is one to play with headphones, as the sound effects and white noise make this psychological thriller.

iPhone & Apple Watch App – Designed for iPhone and Apple Watch, compatible with iPad

Released: 2012-02-27 :: Category: Game


This isn’t the most conventional choice on this list, but what’s scarier than something chasing you? Zombies, Run! is, of course, set in the zombie apocalypse. You’re a runner — a person who runs to find supplies for the base. Each mission is usually the length of a 5k run, and succesfully completing a job will net you supplies for your home base. But there are zombies out there, and they will catch your scent and chase you. You can hear the zombies running closer, so you’ll have to really speed up to get away. It’s a great way to scare yourself into exercising.

Universal App – Designed for iPhone and iPad

Released: 2013-10-24 :: Category: Game


Papa Sangre II is an innovative, audio based horror adventure best played with your eyes closed and headphones on. The lack of visuals means your imagination does all the work, often making things seem more terrifying than they actually are. You’re trapped in purgatory, trying to return to life, but to do so you must gather your lost memories while dodging hostile horrors that lurk around every corner.

Universal App – Designed for iPhone and iPad

Released: 2013-04-02 :: Category: Game


The concept here is simple — escape from a haunted house before the evil spirit lurking there has a chance to gobble you up. The game does a great job with atmosphere with creepy lighting effects to scare you while the ghost stays close on your heels.

If you’re looking for some spooky fun leading up to the Halloween weekend, these games should thoroughly scare the pants off of you.

Be sure to share your favorite horror games in the comments!

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Smile Inc. Guide: How not to die on the job

As if Mondays weren’t bad enough, at Smile Inc. you have to deal with giant killer donuts, massive hungry staplers, and blasting zones. It’s not exactly a happy, thriving work environment. In fact, you’ll be lucky to survive the nine to five. Smile Inc. is a tough little endless runner, and it often tries to trick and entice you with precariously placed rewards throughout the levels. Don’t fall for it! Instead, follow these handy tips to ensure you make it through the day.

Redeem your rewards
The game doesn’t really point this out, but you can actually earn a large number of gems and mystery boxes by completing missions and overtime. These prizes aren’t just handed to you, though. You’ll have to return to the main menu and select the little prize ribbon. Number indicators let you know if there’s a prize waiting to be collected. You’ll find new characters and rare hats this way, and while they don’t really do anything to boost your survivability, they sure are fun.

Don’t forget to jump
I know. It’s the first (and really only) thing you learn how to do in the game, but you’ll quickly forget it when you’re distracted by all of the razor blades and land mines. However, if there’s an obstacle on the ground that you absolutely can’t dodge, tap the screen to jump and get out of the way. Keep in mind that you can’t run while on a caffeine rush, and that there’s a cool down timer after every jump you make.

Keep an eye on the red warning indicators
Yes, woodchippers and giant scissors are scary, but there’s a little leeway. You’ll notice sliding red warning indicators telling you when an obstacle is about to kill you. You can safely run through dangerous areas as long as the red indicator is moving away from you. Worrying too much about avoiding all danger zones might do more harm than good, so it’s sometimes easier to look out for warnings than avoiding everything in your path.

Smile Inc. does its best to throw you for a loop, but with a little forward thinking and the tips mentioned above, you’ll be promoted in no time (and you’ll probably have a pretty nice hat collection by then, too).

Have you already conquered the hazards of the corporate doldrums? Share your own advice in the comments.

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It’s time to step up and start your spooky adventure with our guide to Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery

So you’ve just downloaded Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery, and you obviously want to hit the ground running. Well you’re in luck because you just so happen to be reading our very useful guide to playing.

First released in July last year, the game has been revamped to include an all new “dark square” setting to explore, and a shiny new rewards chest to win – not to mention now being available on loads more platforms including iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Amazon, and in the near future even Facebook.

So if you’re new to the game and want a heads up on what to expect, or you’re a veteran player in need of a little refresher – we’ve got everything you’ll need to help you start off strong.

General Game Play

Taking place in Darkwood – a mysterious city that’s shrouded in secrets and plagued by a terrible evil, you’ll have to step up to the mark and be the saviour they so desperately need.

Exploring over 28 creepy locations, you’ll have to hunt for hidden objects that’ll get you closer to unearthing the secrets of the city, and free the townsfolk from the horrible curse that’s trapped them within the city walls.

In your quest to save the town, you’ll have to befriend the locals to trade and receive useful items, and battle the terrifying monsters that terrorise the city, to progress in the game.

Banishing Monsters

While the city was already in the midst of a monstrous epidemic, the night of Halloween eve grands the ghouls even more power, but luckily for you there are ways of vanquishing them.

Although every monster you banish will earn you rewards and points that’ll help you progress, the higher the level of monster, the more you’ll get out of vanquishing them. Just remember that every monster has a unique banishing item, so be on the look-out for any you might find.

With the level one banishing items being fairly common place, you’re sure to collect a few lying around on your travels, but if need be you can still trade with the locals. However the higher the level monster, the harder you’ll have to search for the banishing items – with level 3 objects only being attained through trading with specific people.

While the lower level monsters will only earn you 100 -300 coins and a maximum of 3 energy points each, those on level 3 will get you 600 coins and at least 6 energy points.

To get the items you need to banish these monsters, you’ll need to speak to the Blacksmith, (who will craft the Neptune’s Horn and Silver Fang items to banish the Fire Elemental and Werewolf Leader), the Fortune Teller (who’ll give you the Greek Fire needed to get rid of the Clot of Dark) and the Inventer (they’ll help you dispose of the Gremlin Leader and Medusa by giving you the Electrical Net and Mirror Shield items).

The Fortune Teller will help you dispose of the Clot of Dark monster by crafting Greek Fire.

As for the Gremlin Leader and Medusa, you’ll need something a tad more scientific. Speak to the Inventor to obtain an Electrical net and Mirror to drive these evil beings out of Darkwood.

Almost everybody in Seekers Notes will have something useful to trade for, so always make sure to stay on everyone’s good side to find those all important banishing items.

You can download Seekers Notes: Hidden Mysteries for free from the App Store, Google Play, Windows Store, and Amazon Appstore.

This article is sponsored as part of Steel Media Preferred Partner’s.

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KlikR lets you manage all your remote-controlled devices from your phone

KlikR Universal Remote Control

Sick and tired of managing (and misplacing) multiple remotes for various devices? The coin-sized KlikR Universal Remote Control is the solution, allowing you to operate any connected device from your phone. For a limited time, you can pick up your own KlikR just $19.99.

It’s easy to see why KlikR was a finalist at the iOT/M2M Innovation World Cup 2016. It puts all the functionality of different remotes into your phone, controllable from an intuitive app. Just sync your devices to the KlikR via Bluetooth, and you’ll be able to control everything from your stereo and TV to even your air conditioner.

You can easily organize your devices room by room with KlikR, plus take advantage of a voice command option for seamless hands-free operation.

Pick up a KlikR Universal Remote Control for 31% off, with free shipping to the Continental U.S. included with your purchase.

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Deck out your iPhone’s respring screen with Springy

iPhone Rebooting

Everyone who’s used a jailbroken iPhone before knows what the respring screen looks like. It displays a black screen with a white Apple logo if you have a black device, or a white screen with a black logo if you have a white device. On the other hand, if you’re jailbroken, then why have the same old screen everyone else has? You can customize it!

A new free jailbreak tweak called Springy is going to give you more options to go down this road if you like customization.

In-depth customization

Springy is more than just a “customization” tweak for your respring screen. Instead, it’s a full-blown theme platform for the respring screen.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a minimalist who likes only subtle changes to your stock installation of iOS, or if you like going balls to the wall with customization. Springy has features for everyone, and even the minimalists can enjoy what it has to offer.

There are two main sections to the tweak’s feature set: 1) it’s a theme platform, and 2) it’s a jailbreak tweak. When you go into the tweak’s preferences pane in Settings → Springy, this becomes self-evident.

Springy Preferences Pane

The section labeled General Options can be considered the minimalist section, which lets you toy around with child’s play options and settings for the subtlest changes to your respring screen, such as inverting the colors or picking custom respring colors:

Springy General Options

One could also set a custom image as the respring page’s background if they wanted. A blue Reset to Defaults button at the bottom of the pane also lets users put everything back after they feel like they’ve “broken” the stock look beyond repair and want it back.

On the other hand, if you’re a little more advanced in terms of customization and want something truly unique, then I think you’ll appreciate the theming aspect of this tweak, which can be found under the Animation Options section.

Springy Animation Options

In this section, you can apply themes you’ve created or downloaded from Cydia to the respring screen, toy around with the frames per second settings, and enable or disable animation looping.

Currently, there are no themes available in Cydia publicly, and the tweak doesn’t come with any, but the developer offers two themes (Glitchy and Squid) from his personal repository, which you can add to Cydia by following these steps:

1) Launch the Cydia app and open the Sources tab.

2) Tap on the Edit button and then tap on the Add button.

3) In the text field of the pop-up that appears, type in the following repository URL:

4) Tap on the Add Source button and wait for the repository to load into Cydia.

5) Now you can check your Changes tab, and the new themes should appear in your list of recently-added tweaks.

Because the Glitchy animation is my personal favorite, I’ll show you what it looks like via animated GIF:

Glitchy GIF

Notice how the screen appears to “bug out.” This is the animation, and it gives a really interesting effect that would normally freak out anyone who didn’t know what a jailbreak was. My opinion? Thumbs up!

You can download Springy right now from Cydia’s BigBoss repository completely free of cost, so check it out!

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Flippy Bottle Extreme! Guide: How to master the art of the flip

Flipping plastic bottles is apparently a big thing right now, so naturally that has spawned a variety of bottle flipping apps trying to bank on that trend. Flippy Bottle Extreme!is just one of them, but this game offers a nice selection of variety and a bunch of fun bottles (it’s much more exciting than it sounds) to unlock. It’s also pretty difficult at first. Flipping bottles in real life isn’t easy, and it might even be tougher in a video game. Follow these beginner tips to help you get started.

Experiment with angles
When you first start out, the game tells you to swipe at an angle to flip the bottle onto the platform, but there’s more to it than that. Flippy Bottle Extreme! has pretty realistic physics, so it’s almost like flipping a real bottle. Different angles and levels of force could send your bottle sailing off screen or feebly wobbling over the edge of the platform.

Experiment and learn how the bottle moves using different angles. I found, for example, that swiping nearly straight up, with just a bit of an angle, was a good way to flip the bottle onto a level, nearby platform. Platforms higher up, though, might require more force or a more dramatic angle to successfully flip.

Use your index finger
You might be naturally tempted to use your thumb, but try to avoid it. Using your index finger allows you to make more precise movements and it’s easier to get a feel for the bottle. It makes a tough game just a little easier.

Use endless mode to practice
Flippy Bottle Extreme! has a bunch of different modes that each offer their own unique set of challenges. You can cycle through them by tapping the “modes” button at the bottom of the screen. Endless mode is exactly as advertised–try to flip the bottle as many times as you can on a single platform.

Endless mode is actually a wonderful way to practice if you’re just starting out, as the levels reset quickly and you can flip forever if you want. Use this to master the basics before you eventually branch out to level mode and beyond.

Follow these tips and get to practicing! Give it a little time and you’ll be climbing the leader boards with the rest of them.

If you’ve got your own Flippy Bottle Extreme! tips and tricks, be sure to share them in the comments!

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Put your empire on top in our guide to Clash of Kings: The West

Western gamers are in for a treat with the new RTS game Clash of Kings: The West. This is because it’s been designed specifically for the western market, so you’ll no longer have to put up with players from mainland China dominating the game as a result of cheaper IAP’s.

Developer Elex Tech has also included several new features, as well as refining elements of its popular franchise.

New additions range from exclusive events like castle lucky day and Vikings invasion, right up to resource collecting combos and much more.

One of the best changes made with this latest instalment in the franchise lies in its fairer challenge to players who don’t want to pay extra for progression. Elsewhere, PVP and PVE events have been moved towards well thought out strategies and gameplay, making the overall experience far more fair.

But invading kingdoms and destroying whole armies is still no easy task, so allow us to guide you through some of the game’s main features. Here are some of the key points to get you on your conquering way…

Getting started

A really convenient feature for all you newbie’s at the beginning of the game is a two-minute guide to get you on your merry way. If you’re still stuck you can always ask other players for help later on.
Early on in the game you will also receive a number of tantalising items that will help speed-up game progression – completely free of charge.

As cool as that is items will only get you so far of course, so your main focus will need to be earning experience points to progress as fast as you can. Making sure your VIP status is active, slaying monsters, and completing tasks are a great way for getting EXP early in the game.

Another tip is to invest in the extra builder from the start, as it will halve the time taken to upgrade buildings.

Kingdom conqueror

Once you start getting a taste for battles, resources and effort should then be focused in dominating the games various cities and towns.

Careful though – don’t forget that your own towns and cities will come under attack, so make sure to invest in defensive measures by upgrading castles, fortresses, hospitals, and more.

A different kind of clash

There’s also a new focus on several upgradeable buildings – a feature where you will need to prioritize what’s most important. A good tip is to focus on upgrading your college as soon as possible to give your kingdom a technological edge over your opponents.

Military hospital

Every kingdom needs an army of course, and if you want to build a kingdom that lasts you’re going to need to keep that army safe. Upgrading military buildings and hospitals will lessen the damage from battle and improve troop abilities.

A good tip early on in the game is to upgrade your military to the level of legion before focusing on improving your troop’s abilities.

Achievements worthy of a king

All of this feeds back into the game’s unlockables, with rewards for castle upgrades coming in the form of achievements.

The Wall of Honour will showcase your greatest feats on the battlefield – giving players extra incentive when it comes to showing off to friends.

When achievement requirements are met, players will earn a star and gold rewards. Stars can then be used to unlock stamps if you have three in your arsenal.

Even deeper than that, every few minutes you will get a free reward pack which can be found on the left side of the interface. If you still have a hankering for free gifts, you can visit the princess too.

And for those willing to splash out some cash, the game rewards them with free daily gifts. Which is nice.

You can find Clash of Kings: The West on iOS and Androidfor free.

This article is sponsored as part of Steel Media Preferred Partner’s.

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Get a hole in one in Flappy Golf 2

Flappy Golfis back with a new sequel featuring dastardly physics puzzles in a charming and colorful little package. The aim of this game is to get the lowest score possible, which can be tricky when you have to make your way through each course’s unique traps and obstacles. We have a few tips to help you get the best score possible. Read on!

Just roll with it
Don’t waste your moves trying to put yourself into a hole when you get close. Use the environment to gain some momentum. You’ll find that many of the holes are surrounded by hills. Flap towards one and then roll down to get close to the hole. This will keep you from wasting precious flaps.

Do the daily races
You’ll find the standard single player courses littered with speckled eggs for you to collect. Eggs allow you to customize your little winged golf ball, but in general aren’t worth sacrificing your score. Instead, the daily races, little daily events in which you can race another player for the best score, win you handsome egg prizes. The races offer a fun new challenge and are a much better way to collect eggs, so take advantage!

Let the physics guide you
Instead of worrying about your score when you’re first getting started, try to get a feel for the physics. You might notice that slow, gentle taps are much more effective than tapping quickly. Try to practice these types of movements to get to the hole in the fewest flaps. Plus, all of the courses are unlocked from the get go, so you’re free to explore as much as you want as you practice.

Flappy Golf 2is a worthy successor with plenty of clever environmental challenges to keep you entertained for hours. Use these tips to give your score a nice bump. You might even want to give multiplayer a try!

If you’ve already mastered the fine art ofFlappy Golf 2,share your own advice in the comments.

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How to stay ahead of the competition in FIFA Mobile

FIFA Mobilelaunched this week, bringing a lighter, certifiably mobile football experience.FIFA Mobilepairs card collecting with team management, crafting, and straightup football competition with a bunch of new systems that might bear a little explaining. Use this trusty guide to get your off on the right foot.

Jump into attackmode
FIFA Mobile gives you plenty of things to do on the single player side, but don’t forget to jump into Attack Mode. This live competitive mode pits you against fellow players, and it’s also the best way to level up. Not only does levelling up help your team progress (you can’t start a season until level eight), you’ll also get some valuable coins as you make your way. Coins are your only means of buying card packs without resorting to in-app purchases, so hop to it.

Complete all of the live events
They might seem like silly training drills compared to the actual competition, but apart from keeping your skills sharp, they’re a great way to earn cash and cards. Just take your time when completing some of the challenges. You only get a limited number of chances to complete the event before you have to start over and use up more hard earned energy.

Pay attention to your Plans
You probably won’t be using all of the items and cards that get thrown your way, but that doesn’t mean you should simply forget about them! Plugging unwanted items into Plans will often reward you with unique items and cards once you complete a set. Just remember that once you complete a Plan, you won’t be getting any of the items or cards you put into it back.

Play the market
FIFA Mobilealso has a handy auction system for swapping out team members. If you have a player card you don’t see yourself using, scope out the market to see if that player’s stats makes them a valuable card on the market. Do some market research–compare your card’s stats to the cards that are currently selling well on the market to see if you can make a little extra cash.

FIFA Mobilemixes a little bit of team management with some old fashioned, plain and simple football action. With these tips you’ll earn plenty of coin and build up a well-rounded team.

If you’re already a pro, share your ownFIFA Mobiletips and tricks in the comments below!

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