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Flame lets you customize Cydia to your liking

flame jailbreak tweak banner

Among all the things you can customize in iOS with a jailbreak, one of the things we’ve not seen a whole lot of support for is Cydia, which is now fully customizable thanks to Cydia Substrate 1.1.19 and later because it runs as mobile instead of root.

A new jailbreak tweak called Flame, which is available for free in Cydia as of today, fills this void by providing you with an array of new customization features for the entire Cydia app.

What Flame is all about

Cydia, which had long been non-customizable, is now customizable since Cydia Substrate 1.1.19 was released, and all subsequent updates have also supported customization because the app runs as mobile now. This allows jailbreak tweak developers to modify Cydia in a safe way such that Cydia Substrate can still protect you in the instance of a crash or conflict.

Flame, which takes advantage of this, is about giving you the ability to customize your Cydia user interface to your liking. The tweak comes with various options to configure that involve not only Cydia’s appearance, but also its functionality.

Delving into the preferences

Flame adds an extensive preferences pane to the Settings app after you install the tweak where you can immediately start changing things around. The changes you make will modify how Cydia looks and how you interact with it.

From the main preferences pane, you can toggle the tweak on or off on demand and you can tap on the “Options” cell to see all of the tweak’s setting offerings:

flame customize cydia main preferences pane

Once you open the “Options” cell, this is where things get interesting:

flame jailbreak tweak preference pane

Please note that under each of the main sections is an individual “Save” button. You will have to tap on that button to save any changes you make to that section. Below, we’ll outline all the options you have to play with in this preferences pane:

Default Page

Here, you can choose the page that opens by default when you open Cydia. You can pick from any of the tabs you would normally be able to tap on from the bottom of the Cydia app, those include:

  • Home
  • Sources
  • Changes
  • Installed
  • Search

Refresh Settings

The refresh settings allow you to configure how Cydia’s sources are refreshed. The settings you have here include:

  • Enabling or disabling pull to refresh to refresh your sources
  • Enabling or disabling auto-refresh to save battery life
  • Choosing a custom timeout for source refreshing in seconds

Source Settings

These settings make it easier to manage and add sources. Among the options you have here are:

  • Tapping and holding on a source to copy its address to your clipboard
  • Enabling or disabling batch adding sources if multiple URLs are in your clipboard

Share and Export

If you’ve ever wanted to share details about a package in Cydia, or details about the packages you’re using on your device, these settings will be your new friend:

  • Enabling or disabling sharing links to packages in Cydia using an iOS share sheet
  • Enabling or disabling the ability to export a list of installed tweaks and sources on your device

Customize UI

This section is dedicated to giving Cydia a makeover. If you’re bored with how it looks, you’ll enjoy all the features you can play with here. The options include:

  • Enabling or disabling a global tint color
  • Choosing a global tint color
  • Choosing a navbar color
  • Choosing a navbar title color
  • Choosing a tab bar color
  • Choosing a tab bar selected color
  • Enabling or disabling a light Status Bar
  • Enabling or disabling a dark keyboard
  • Hiding or showing the ads for other tweaks on Cydia’s home page

Search Tab

Here, you’ll find options for configuring actions in the Search tab of Cydia. Options include:

  • Enabling or disabling the cancel button
  • Enabling or disabling a swipe gesture to dismiss the keyboard

Install Screen

In this section, you’ll find options related to that classic black install screen you all know and love when installing or uninstalling a jailbreak package in Cydia. Your options here are:

  • Hiding or showing the white border around the respring, reboot, or return to Cydia button
  • Choosing a border color
  • Choosing a background color

Auto Finish

If you’ve ever wished you didn’t have to tap on the button after a package was installed, and the device would respring, reboot, or return to Cydia all on its own, then this section is going to make you happy. Here you can configure any of these options:

  • Enabling or disabling the auto-finish of an installation or uninstallation
  • Having your device vibrate when an installation or uninstallation finishes
  • Choosing a time delay for the auto finish in seconds


This section just includes a single toggle switch for allowing or disallowing Cydia to automatically check for new updates for your jailbreak tweaks in the background without the need for the app to be open and running.

Please note that a master “Apply Settings” button is included at the top of the preferences pane that you should tap on when you’re finished making any changes to Cydia. This will not respring your device; instead, it’ll update the preference file for the tweak. Resprings are not necessary in between changes to these settings, but you will want to kill and restart the Cydia app to ensure changes take effect each time.

Flame – should you download it?

flame jailbreak tweak examples

Flame allows you to customize a great deal of options for the Cydia app itself. Above, you can see some minor things we changed with the Flame tweak, such as enabling the dark keyboard and colorizing the navigation bar.

Whether or not you should download Flame depends on whether you believe Cydia is fine as it is, or you think you want to add new functionality to Cydia that it just doesn’t have yet (or may never get).

I personally think there are some useful features in the tweak, but options are going to differ from user to user. Some of my favorite features this tweak brings to the table for Cydia users are:

  • Choosing the default page to open Cydia to
  • Enabling pull-to-refresh and swipe-to-dismiss-keyboard
  • Sharing links to packages
  • Removing home page ads
  • Auto-finishing of installations and uninstallations


If you’re interested in grabbing the Flame jailbreak tweak, it can be had for free from Cydia’s BigBoss repository today. It’s a great way to take control of your Cydia experience and give the app the look and features you may want that it lacks currently.

What are your thoughts on Flame? Share in the comments below.

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This jailbreak app for iOS shows all your Wi-Fi network passwords


Most of you probably use a Wi-Fi network on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, and some of them may even require a password to gain access to.

Have you ever been in a predicament where you’ve needed to use someone’s Wi-Fi network and they wouldn’t tell you the password for it to your face, but they had no problem typing it in for you so you could use the network without knowing what the password was? Or, have you just plain forgotten the password to one of your most-used networks when you have a new machine or device you want to use to connect to it?

If you’ve been in either of these situations, then a new jailbreak app called Wifi Passwords List, which is a free download from Cydia’s BigBoss repository, could be of use to you. It’ll show you the password of any secured Wi-Fi network you’ve ever used on your iOS device.

Also read: How to find a Wi-Fi password on Mac

Never forget a Wi-Fi password again

With this app installed on your jailbroken iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, every password-protected Wi-Fi network you’ve ever joined (old and new) is logged. You’ll be able to launch the app at any time from your Home screen to see any of the passwords to any protected Wi-Fi networks you either forgot, or didn’t know from the start.

wifi passwords list example1

As you can see, the SSID for each secured Wi-Fi network is displayed in the list, and then the password is listed directly underneath the SSID. You can even tap on a network to view more information about that Wi-Fi network, including:

  • How long ago the device used the particular Wi-Fi network
  • The exact time and date that the network was last used on your device
  • Whether the network was joined manually or automatically

You’ll also see a cell labeled “View Other Info,” which includes some other interesting information when you tap on it.

wifi passwords list example 2

Some of the information listed here, which is going to be difficult to understand for some regular users to make sense of, includes:

  • Wi-Fi channel
  • RSSI Signal strength
  • Length of time the network has been used
  • Amount of wireless noise
  • Security type
  • And more

This more advanced information is intended for wireless tinkerers who want to know more about the networks they’ve joined, but for the average user, just the ability to see the network name and password associated with it is going to be enough.

My thoughts on Wifi Passwords List

In a scenario where you’ve forgotten one of your passwords, you can use the app to refresh your memory and enter the same password on another one of your devices. But this app is also useful if someone entered the password for you and then refused to tell you what it was because now you’ll be able to look back on it and connect any other devices you may have to that same Wi-Fi network.

I can definitely see where the app could be useful in some situations, but you should be mindful that if you’re only going to be using it to get around someone’s wariness of letting you know their Wi-Fi network password, then you’re probably using the app for the wrong reasons. After all, the person may have had a good reason to keep the password from you.

On the other hand, I’ve joined plenty of secured Wi-Fi networks at my friends’ houses where they’ve given me their password and welcomed me to use it, but when I get a new device and don’t remember what the password is, I need a way to refresh my memory to log on with my new device. Although I could just ask them again, sometimes they don’t even remember their own passwords and don’t remember where their password book is.

The additional information you get to see, such as the last time you used a network, the signal strength, and the wireless channel all could be useful information too, but I feel these features are less useful for regular users and are far more useful for advanced users who actually do wireless surveys or want to configure their network so it doesn’t conflict with others.


When you forget the Wi-Fi password of a network you’ve joined before and need to remind yourself of what it was, Wifi Passwords List is a great tool for jailbroken devices that can get the rest of your devices hooked up to a network you’re already using on your jailbroken device.

Remember to use this app responsibly and not to take advantage of the Wi-Fi network owner. They can easily change their password on you to revoke your access if they find you’re using too many devices on their network without their permission.

What are your thoughts on Wifi Passwords List? Share in the comments.

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Quartz, Anchor, Final Fantasy Ⅸ and more apps to checkout this weekend

Apps to check out this weekend

It’s been a long week of blurry Super Bowl photo talk and 4-inch iPhone rumors, but the wonderful weekend is here at last. And for those of you who find yourself looking for something to do on a lazy Saturday or Sunday afternoon, we’ve put together a great list of new apps and games to check out.



Folks in the market for a new and innovative news app will want to check out Quartz. Brought to you by the publication of the same name, Quartz keeps you up-to-date on current events using a method I’ve never seen before: texting. No, it doesn’t actually text you, but the app is designed to look like a messaging app. So you’re essentially sent “texts” of headlines or news snippets, and then given the option to respond for more details or a new story. You’ll also receive photos, GIFs, web links and push notifications. This all combines to make a news app that presents articles in an extremely digestible format. This app is available for free.



Anchor is an interesting new application that allows you to easily broadcast short audio clips to the world. I look at it as kind of like a Vine-type app for podcasts. Users can post an audio recording of up to 2-minutes, and others can post a one-minute response. All of this then gets stitched together for anyone to listen to, and the end result is something akin to public radio or a community podcast. While the idea of listening to you and your friends debate the latest Star Wars movie may not sound appealing, Anchor has organized its more learned users and topics to help you discover intelligent, educational and entertaining conversations. This app is available for free.



I included Fetch by Microsoft’s Garage division in this week’s roundup because it seemed like a fun/silly app to play around with on a Saturday afternoon. Its purpose is pretty straightforward: take a picture, or load in a previous photo, of a dog and this app will identify what breed it is. Obviously, accuracy will be hit-or-miss depending on photo quality and other factors, but for what it’s worth, it correctly identified my dog Jaxx as a labrador retriever. Don’t have a dog? That’s ok, use Fetch to take a photo of yourself or a friend, and laugh at the results. This app is available for free.



I imagine that Bkstg is what Apple was going for when it introduced Connect for Apple Music last summer. To be fair, I haven’t played with the app much, but it’s being marketed as a way to “get closer to the musicians you love.” Features include real time content, photos and videos from artists and their entourages; exclusive backstage content, merch, tickets, meet and greets, and more; and the ability to search nearby and trending hashtags to get in on the conversations with like-minded fans. This app is available for free.

Final Fantasy IX

final fantasy

This game really needs no introduction. Final Fantasy is easily one of the most popular gaming franchises in history, and episode IX is largely thought to be the series’ highpoint. The story follows a talented young thief named Zidane Tribal, who joins with others to defeat Queen Brahne of Alexandria, the one responsible for starting the great war. The mobile port includes “high-definition movies and character models,” autosave, achievements, and a collection of “game boosters” that let you cheat your way through the story. This game is available for $16.99 (for a limited time).



Prism is described as a “visually stunning journey through a microcosmic galaxy.” That’s a fancy way of saying this is space-themed geometric puzzler with gorgeous graphics. In the game, players are tasked with touching shapes and patterns to unfold sacred geometry and reach the ethereal soul. Each of the 13 levels is a push and pull of cinematic design, mythology, and intuitive touch exploration. And as an interesting side-note, all of the art, code, sound effects and the zen-like soundtrack were created by a single developer: Clint Siu. This game is available for $2.99.

More apps you should check out

These apps have been updated

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MARVEL Avengers Academy guide – How to get heroes faster and for free

MARVEL Avengers Academy lets you build your own superhero school and fill it with heroes from the Marvel universe.

It can be a little slow going to get your school’s attendance up though, so we’ve gathered together somesome tips to help you do this more quickly.

Only do quests

At the outset of the game, there’s a lot of things that a young Tony Stark or Black Widow can do, but that doesn’t mean you should just assign them to directionless tasks.

Doing so isn’t that bad, but it doesn’t do any good either – nor does it yield any game rewards that contribute to building a better school with more heroes inside.

Instead, focus solely on the in-game quests. Let those be your guide. Not only will completing these quests earn you rewards, but they’ll also advance the game story so you can get access to new heroes.

Consider your class roster

So, now that you’re focusing solely on quests, you’ll also want to be mindful of the amount of time it will take any given hero to complete a task, as no heroes in MARVEL Avengers Academy are very good at multitasking.

You don’t want to start your play session tying up Loki for a long stretch of time if he could’ve been useful closing out a quest within a minute or two, because the only way to get yourself back on track from that is to spend some premium currency.

Work together on large quests

Hard work pays off in MARVEL Avengers Academy, as some of the longest quests involve recruiting new heroes.

Considering heroes are your main way of getting anything done in the game (and also super cool to collect), you’ll want to focus as much time in a given play session on unlocking them.

It’s also very important to stay focused on one large quest at a time, since the end of most long quests also require significant amounts of gold to complete.

So, while you might think that moving several long quests forward at once is a solid plan, you’ll just end up forcing yourself to grind out gold until you can complete each one.

Have you already established an elite school in MARVEL Avengers Academy? Tell us how you did it in the comments!

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Apple launches worldwide USB-C cable replacement program

Apple USB-C 2m charging cable

Apple on Friday announced a worldwide replacement program for a limited number of USB-C charging cables that were shipped with 12-inch MacBook with retina display units or sold separately through June of 2015. A design flaw in these cables may cause unexpected premature failure.

As a part of the program, anyone with an affected cable is eligible to gain a free replacement through Apple.

Apple’s USB-C replacement program goes live

According to Apple’s USB-C replacement program page, which was first pointed out by our friends at MacRumors, cables affected by the design flaw may exhibit issues with charging your retina MacBook, such as intermittent charging of the machine while the cable is connected to a power source, or the MacBook failing to charge at all while the cable is connected to a power source.

The replacements that Apple will be giving to affected customers will be redesigned and should not exhibit the same charging issues as the faulty models did.

Apple also makes very clear on the program page that the problem doesn’t just affect those who bought a retina MacBook with the USB-C cables bundled in the box, but it also may affect people who bought a standalone USB-C cable accessory. For this reason, it’s important to know how to find out if your cable is included in the recall or not.

How to tell if your USB-C cable is affected

The USB-C replacement program only applies to units known to be affected by the manufacturer’s defect. As Apple points out on the replacement program page, there is an easy way to tell whether your USB-C cable is affected or not.

All USB-C cables will say “Designed by Apple in California Assembled in China” on them, but only cables affected by the design flaw will lack the serial number information after the word “China,” as shown below:

Apple USB C cable replacement program differentiate between cables

If your USB-C cable has a serial number after the word “China,” then your USB-C cable is not covered under this recall and it is not affected by the manufacturer defect.

How to apply for the replacement

Apple notes that for anyone who provided their shipping information during an online Apple Store purchase, or after registering their product online, a replacement USB-C cable will be automatically shipped to that same address before the end of February 2016. Everyone else will need to either visit a local Apple Store, visit a local Apple authorized service provider, or will need to contact Apple support directly to see what other options are available.

If Apple doesn’t already have your address on file, then the company recommends setting up a Genius Bar appointment at your local Apple Store, as this will be the most hassle-free option available. Only if you don’t have one around you locally should you explore the other potential options.

Anyone who believes they have an affected USB-C cable has until June 8, 2018 to take advantage of this replacement program before Apple will no longer honor it.

Related: Apple issues replacement program for iPhone 6 Plus iSight Camera

Are you affected by the recall? Share in the comments.

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Daily Deals: VIZIO Sound Stand, Otterbox iPhone case and more


Hello! Welcome to iDB’s new exploratory ‘Daily Deals’ post. Here you will find a roundup of some of our favorite deals of the day on tech and tech-related products such as smartphones, tablets, accessories, connected devices, and even video games and consoles.

This is an experiment of sorts, born out of our love for tech and discounts. So we’re going to do a little trial run, and see how it goes. If it turns out to be something readers are interested in, we’ll add more products from more websites, and make this a daily thing.

Refurbished VIZIO 2.1 Channel Sound Stand


Fill your room with incredible 2.1 channel sound from two uniquely angled speakers designed to deliver an enhanced sound stage and an integrated subwoofer for a powerful bass performance. Experience all your favorite entertainment expertly tuned and easy to stream with built-in Bluetooth. It’s simple to set up and turns your confined space into a concert hall.

You can buy this refurbished VIZIO sound stand on Amazon for $78 (normal price $199.99).

Deadpool – Xbox One


In celebration of the movie’s premier this weekend, Amazon has added Deadpool for Xbox One to its Deal of the Day promotion. There’s really not much to say about the game itself. It’s a third-person action title, modeled after the popular comic book series. It has a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon, with reviewers praising it for being very funny and refreshing.

You can buy Deadpool for Xbox One on Amazon for $24.99 (normal price $49.99).

OtterBox Defender Series iPhone 6 Plus Case


The Defender Series case provides heavy duty protection against drops, dust and damage without taking away from the usability of your phone’s features. The Defender Series case offers triple-layer protection and is built from a high-impact polycarbonate shell, durable silicone slipcover and a built-in screen protector, making it one of the toughest cases on the market.

You can buy the OtterBox Defender for iPhone 6 Plus on Amazon for $23.99 (normal price $59.95).

RAVPower 10050mAh Portable Charger


Specs for this RAVPower charger include a 10050 mAh battery, iSmart Technology for detecting optimal charging current per device, 2.4A output for faster charging, and shut down protection in the event of a short circuit or overload. Battery can fully charge an iPhone 6 or 6s almost 3 times, and an iPad mini once.

You can buy this RAVPower charge on Amazon for $15.99 (normal price $99.99).

Previous deals still going on:

AmazonBasics Apple Certified Lightning to USB Cable – 6 Feet


In the market for a new or longer Lightning cable? Look no further than this one from AmazonBasics. The cable is MFi certified by Apple, tested to bend 95-degrees 4,000 times, and has a 4.5 out of 5 star rating on more than 4000 reviews. Backed by Amazon’s 1-year warranty.

You can buy this AmazonBasics Lightning to USB cable on Amazon for $7.99 (normal price $14.99).

UE MEGABOOM Wireless Bluetooth Speaker


A portable wireless speaker on steroids. Blast freakishly amazing 360-degree sound with deep, heart-pounding bass–everywhere you go. It has a waterproof (IPX7) grab n’ go shape that is shockingly light–1.93 pounds. Take advantage of its long-life (up to 20 hours) battery and extended wireless range to start a rager wherever, whenever you need.

You can buy the UE Megaboom on Amazon for $249 (normal price $299.99).

Acer 23.8-Inch IPS Widescreen Display


The Acer R Series 23.8 inch wide viewing IPS display shows every detail clearly and vivid without color difference from any viewing angle. Its zero frame design puts no boundary on your visual enjoyment while the brushed hairline finish stand matches any environment. With Full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution and superior 100 Million:1 contrast ratio you get detailed imagery for viewing photos, browsing the web and also makes viewing documents side by side easy. Supports VGA, DVI & HDMI inputs.

You can buy this 23.8-inch IPS display on Amazon for $131.99 (normal price $179.99).

Amazon 7″ Fire Tablet (Special Offers)


Amazon’s entry-level tablet features a 1024×600 display, a 1.3 GHz quad-core processor and both rear and front-facing cameras. It has 8GB of storage, free unlimited cloud storage on Amazon, and a microSD card slot for adding up to 128GB of additional storage. Battery life is around 7 hours, and you get access to Amazon’s apps, games and other Underground content. Note that the price below does include Special Offers, meaning you’ll have to deal with advertisements when your device goes to sleep.

You can buy the 7-inch Fire on Amazon for $39.99 (normal price $49.99).

As usual, make sure you don’t hesitate to take advantage of these deals. Some of them are set to expire by the end of the day.

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iPhone 5se and iPad Air 3 expected to launch March 18

iOS 9 teaser iPhone iPad imagae 002

Apple is planning to launch the iPhone 5se and iPad Air 3 on Friday, March 18th, reports 9to5Mac. Citing sources familiar with the matter, the outlet claims the launch of the long-rumored 4-inch iPhone and third-gen iPad Air will follow their unveiling at an event on Tuesday, March 15th.

If true, this would mark a departure from Apple’s usual launch cycle, in which products are introduced one to two weeks before they are available for sale to the public. Unsurprisingly, 9to5Mac’s Mark Gurman says that because of the quick turnaround, Apple is unlikely to offer pre-orders.

Previous reports have suggested that the iPhone 5se will look a lot like the iPhone 5s, and feature the same A9 processor and camera system found in the iPhone 6. It’s also expected to have an NFC chip, with support for Apple Pay, and come in familiar gold, rose gold, silver and grey colorways.

As for the iPad Air 3, it’s been described as a smaller iPad Pro, with similar features such as a Smart Connector, stereo speakers, and support for Apple’s Pencil stylus. Other rumors for the event include new Apple Watch accessories, such as new Sport band colors and Space Black Milanese Loop.

Source: 9to5Mac

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Google is shutting down Picasa desktop app and Picasa Web Albums to focus on Photos

Picasa 3.9 for Mac (app icon, full size)

Google on Friday announced that the Picasa desktop app and its corresponding online photo-sharing service, called Picasa Web Albums, are soon going to be officially dead. This didn’t come as a shock: since the launch of Google Photos, Picasa’s fate was pretty much sealed.

As of March 15, 2016, Google will no longer be supporting the desktop Picasa application for Mac and Windows. After the cut-off date, existing Picasa installations will still work.

However, Google has said it will cease development of the app so there will be no future updates nor will the Picasa app continue to be available for download after March 15.

Focusing on Photos

“After much thought and consideration, we’ve decided to retire Picasa over the coming months in order to focus entirely on a single photo service in Google Photos,” explains the search giant.

“We believe we can create a much better experience by focusing on one service that provides more functionality and works across mobile and desktop, rather than divide our efforts across two different products.”

Picasa on desktop

Google is suggesting that Picasa users switch to its new Photos service and mobile apps. A desktop Google Photos uploader is available at Additionally, Google will be retiring some functions of the Picasa API.

Picasa Web Albums

As for Picasa Web Albums, its users have two choices at their disposal.

One, they can simply log in to Google Photos on the web where most of their Picasa Web Albums content will already be there; and two, people who don’t want to use Google Photos will soon have a new place to access their Picasa Web Albums data, including photo tags, captions and comments.

This yet-to-be-announced website will let users view, download or delete their Picasa Web Albums. However, creating, editing and organizing albums won’t be supported.

Changes to Picasa Web Albums will start rolling out on May 1, 2016.

“One thing to make clear is that none of this is happening today—if you have a Picasa Web Album you can keep using it as normal,” cautions Google.

No matter how you look at it, it is perfectly clear that Google is steering Picasa users toward the Photos service, which may not be a bad thing at all.

Source: Google

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Apple reportedly making its first scripted TV show starring Dr. Dre

Dr Dre (Beats 001)

Apple has decided to back its first ever scripted television series that will star one of its own executives, Beats co-founder and rapper Dr. Dre (real name Andre Young). According to The Hollywood Reporter, the top-secret project is dubbed “Vital Signs”. The production is reportedly “being bankrolled by Apple”.

The series will be likely distributed via Apple Music although the report doesn’t make it clear if the iTunes Store will also carry the show so that Apple TV owners could stream it.

“The first season will roll out all at once, regardless of venue, a la Netflix,” sources told the publication, adding that Apple is said to be “very bullish on the project.”

“Those who have seen descriptions of the Dr. Dre show say it is billed as semi-autobiographical, with each episode focusing on a different emotion and how Dre’s character deals with it,” reads the report.

Sources say that Sam Rockwell and Mo McCrae (Murder in the First) are among the additional cast. The show is being described as “a dark drama with no shortage of violence and sex,” with one episode featuring “an extended orgy scene.”

“Vital Signs” is reportedly co-produced and directed by music video director Paul Hunter alongside producers Aaron Ginsburg and William Green.

The Street was first out of the gate with a report last month which said Apple was considering developing original television shows because talks with networks over a rumored skinny iTunes TV bundle have collapsed.

The company is reportedly talking with TV producers and Hollywood studios about “investing in TV shows” to offer exclusively to its iTunes customers.

“The Cupertino-based tech giant began sounding out Hollywood’s creative community late last year, but has yet to sign any agreements,” reads the report.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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Shadow Blade: Reload guide – How to hack and slash with the best of them

Shadow Blade: Reload is the kind of action-platformer that would have happily sucked up hours of your time on a console a few years back.Now, you can take it with you wherever you go, and its mobile conversion is not too shabby at all.

To help you out, we’ve got some great tips and tricks on how to get the edge in battle.

Get into the rhythm

Shadow Blade: Reload’s controls are pretty simple. A virtual d-pad lets you move left and right, while three buttons dictate slashing, jumping, and throwing a shuriken at your foes.

The key here is to get into the rhythm – find a good pace and stick to it. A combination of running and jumping, while slicing and dicing at just the right moment, makes all the difference.

Gaining those all-important high ranks often comes down to speed, so keep, well, speedy.

Look out!

Just because you move fast doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look out for obstacles. Keep an eye out for spikes in particular, as they’ll instantly kill you, which is obviously pretty bad news. At least the checkpoints aren’t too far apart.

Know your foe

The basic enemies are pretty easy to take down but early on, you’ll come across Shadow Hunters and their heat seeking variants.

One type shoots at you, immediately killing you if they hit you, but the heat seeking variants are even trickier. If you dodge the heat seeking missile long enough, it’ll explode, but it’s not easy!

Focus on taking these guys out first, above all others.

Find the collectibles

Look out for special collectibles which are usually off the beaten track in each level. They go towards your final score, which means a better ranking for you.

Don’t die

Ok, no one wants to die anyway, but dying negatively affects your ranking so try extra hard not to!

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