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WarFriends Beginner’s Guide: How to guide your tiny soldiers to victory

Chillingo’s new game, WarFriends, is finally available world wide, and so far it’s a refreshing change from common mobile game trends. The game’s a mix of tower defense, third person shooter, and collectible card game. There’s a lot to unpack here, but overall it’s a fun experience that allows for a lot of player creativity and experimentation. Because WarFriends is such a hybrid, there are quite a few unique strategies that will help you get the most out of the game.

Don’t let your units do all of the work
While the game works like a tactical tower defense, you also get to control your own soldier and do some direct damage. It’s easy to forget when you’re used to placing units on a map, but make sure you fire off some shots and vulnerable enemies where you can.

Take care of runners right away
Runners like to get up close and personal to cause major damage. The best strategy? Don’t even give them the chance. Get rid of them as quickly as possible to ensure they don’t bring any harm to you or your units. Send out some of your own shotgunners to take care of them, or make use of the gas cannisters littering the battle field.

Upgrade your weapons and units
Pay close attention to the briefing before every match. It will tell you how you stack up against your opponent. Make sure that your units and weapons are at least even with other players of your rank. Upgrade at least one of your weapons a few times to boost the magazine size and reload time. This can make a huge difference in your survivability. Training up your Grenadier early on isn’t a bad idea either.

When it comes down to it, WarFriends is quite approachable, and you’ll be evenly matched with your opponents. If you seek an extra edge, though, be sure to keep these tips in mind.

Are you already a WarFriends general? Share your own expertise in the comments.

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Turbo League Guide: How to tame the controls and go pro

Turbo League brings Rocket League’s popular auto-soccer formula to mobile devices, but this quirky new genre handles a bit differently with touch controls. You may want to throw yourself in headfirst in multiplayer mode, pulling sweet stunts as the in-game camera records every move. You’ll be surprised to find that getting ahead in the game is a bit trickier than that, though. The controls are touchier, and there are a few things that set Turbo League apart from its obvious inspiration. Use this guide to ease yourself in, frustration-free.

Opt for the solo modes at first
Avoid multiplayer at first if you’re a beginner. Sure, it’s not exactly a great way to show off, but just think of how you’ll compare to the competition with a bit of practice under your belt. Playing the solo modes familiarizes you with the game and helps you perfect your technique. In fact, the game has a free-play practice mode so you can jump around, practice steering, and more without any time constraints or pressure.

Be gentle with the controls
Big stunts are fun, but oftentimes the best way to land a goal is with careful tapping and, if you must, disciplined jumps. If you’re more worried about having fun, though, then by all means feel free to go all out. You just might not get many goals that way.

Change the camera settings
The default camera angle is pretty atrocious, often following the ball rather than your car or your opponents. This can make it very hard to play for seconds at a time. Change the camera angle settings by clicking on the camera in the top right corner of the screen. You can shuffle through a few different options to find the one that suits you best. It’s a small thing, but will have a huge impact on your gameplay.

Turbo League can feel a bit wonky at first blush, but if you’re truly dedicated to the game, a bit of practice and tweaking will really improve things. Keep these tips in mind before you take to the turf.

What do you think of Turbo League? Let us know in the comments below.

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Fire Emblem: Heroes coming to Google Play in February

Nintendo gave us our first look at Fire Emblem: Heroes, the upcoming mobile Fire Emblem game the company hinted at last year. Revealed at the Fire Emblem Direct event held today, the game will condense the series’ tactical RPG combat into bite-sized battles that you can play on the go.

Featuring both story and multiplayer modes, players lead their heroes to victory by sliding and tapping on an 8×6 grid. Each character has an elemental affinity (red, green, or blue) that grant them unique strengths and weaknesses. Players select from an expansive list of well-loved Fire Emblem characters and new faces to build up a customized team. Each character has a star rating that determines their power, but you can always improve this by levelling up. You can also summon highly powerful heroes to battle using colored orbs. These orbs can be won in battle or via, yes, IAPs. Alternatively, succesfully beating Hero Battles will convince these powerful figures to fight alongside you.

Fire Emblem: Heroes launches on February 2 on the Google Play store. You can pre-register at the official website. iPhone and iPad users will have to wait for news on the App Store launch, however.

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Stickman Surfer rides in with the tide this Thursday

Stickson is back and this time he’s taken up yet another extreme sport – surfing. Stickman Surfer is out this Thursday on both iOS and Android, so if you’ve been following the other Stickman adventures, you might be interested in picking this one up as well.

You’ll be able to surf or jetski through a variety of different environments including shipwrecks, waterparks, and caves, all while dodging obstacles and collecting coins. As in other games in the series, you’ll be able to upgrade both your character and your surfboard or vehicle of choice for more ways to have fun and explore.

Once you tire of the water, you can head to shore and enjoy a number of activities on land, too. Drive a dune buggy without wiping out, or head to the halfpipe for a skateboarding challenge if you’re more of a landlubber. The trailer also hints at what looks like a beach shack where you can chill after a day in the sun and stash your trophies.

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Last week on PocketGamer

Welcome to a weekly feature looking back on the past seven days of coverage on our sister website, PocketGamer.

It’s taken a while for 2017 to really get going, at least when it comes to the world of portable gaming. Thank goodness, then, for Nintendo.

The house of Mario recently held a glitzy event to fill in the blanks on its forthcoming Switch console. Suffice to say, the response was rather mixed.

Elsewhere the iPhone turned ten, the mobile MOBA genre received a famous new member, and an indie darling made a belated appearance on iOS. Here’s what’s been occupying the PG team over the past week.

Nintendo Switches some of its fans off
Friday saw the full unveiling of the Nintendo Switch hybrid console, and the response was decidedly mixed.
It wasn’t just the early start that had some of the UK-based PG team a little grumpy – there are real concerns as to the system’s high price and lack of games. Still, PG editor Glen explained why the Switch probably wouldn’t be another Wii U – aka a disaster – for Nintendo.

The optimistic tone continued, for the most part, when we went hands-on with the Switch console itself. Despite some lingering concerns, Nintendo clearly hasn’t lost its knack for innovative fusions of hardware and software.

The iPhone is 10
It was ten years ago that Steve Jobs announced the first iPhone, changing the mobile phone landscape – and, let’s face it, the developed world – forever.

Of course, the iPhone also created a whole new industry of smartphone games. To celebrate that fact, PG compiled a list of the ten iOS games that have defined mobile gaming over the past decade.
Some you’ll have heard of, while others have been lost to the sands of time and the peculiar whims of a fickle public.

Star Wars goes MOBA
There’s no question what the biggest game release of the week was. Star Wars: Force Arena is a classic multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game, which essentially combines elements of tower defence, RPG, and competitive online action games.

This latest take on the genre turned out to be highly entertaining, thanks largely to the ever-compelling Star Wars IP. Attacking your opponent’s base as Darth Vader was always going to be a hoot.

PG marked the release by offering some handy beginner’s tips to get you started, as well as a rundown of how the game compares to other popular mobile MOBAs like Vainglory and Clash Royale.

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth finally lands
The biggest iOS game of the week for discerning gamers was The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth – an indie port that’s been in gestation for some time.

This is a challenging twin-stick shooter with roguelike elements, meaning the level design is randomised and death really does mean the end of your run. It’s tricky alright.

While PG found the iOS port’s virtual controls to be imperfect, The Binding of Isaac still manages to pull you back in for another go, whatever the platform.

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Space schmup Xenoraid launches on the App Store

10Tons Xenoraid is out today on the App Store, bringing some high-speed space action to your mobile gadgets just in time for the weekend. The company’s last premium title, another sci-fi game titled Neon Chrome, did quite well for itself, so hopefully Xenoraid will be following in its predecessor’s footsteps.


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Star Wars: Force Arena Beginner’s Guide: How to embrace the Force

Star Wars: Force Arena joined the populous ranks of Star Wars games on mobile today. It’s a two-lane MOBA starring many familiar faces from George Lucas’s famed sci-fi franchise. As with most games of this nature, Force Arena can be a little obtuse at times. Fear not, though, young padawan. You have a lot to learn, but soon you’ll be sweeping through the lanes and destroying enemy turrets like the true Jedi master you were born to be. We here at 148Apps are here to help with a few beginner’s tips to set you on your way.


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Bubble Witch 3 Saga Guide: How to get three stars in a row

King’s bringing its fairytale bubble-popping puzzler back for its 3rd outing in Bubble Witch 3 Saga. If you’re familiar with the series, not much has changed here on the surface level, though you’ll likely be pleased with the improvements. If you’re coming to the game for the first time, though, there are some things you should take into account if you want to get a three-star rating every time. We have a few tips to help you out.


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Sunless Sea sails onto iPad this spring

Failbetter Games, the folks who brought you Fallen London, are celebrating their 7th birthday today. To commemorate the event, the team revealed that Sunless Sea is coming to iPad this spring.

If you missed the game when it originally launched on PC, it’s a delightfully gloomy RPG-esque sailing game set in the Fallen London universe. You sail the Unterzee in search of treasure and more, all while ensuring your crew doesn’t turn against you, starve to death, or go insane. While it sounds a bit dark, it’s full of Failbetter’s signature wit and spectacular writing.


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Mysterium creeps onto the App Store this Thursday

Mysterium, the spectral tabletop caper by Asmodee, finally has a new release date. The game was delayed late in 2016 to work out some last minute kinks to ensure the digital version was just as polished as the printed Mysterium we already know and love. Luckily fans didn’t have to wait too long on this side of the New Year as the game officially launches on Thursday.


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